Kim Tassinari - Acting Isn't Easy 

When actors and actresses choose to pursue their dreams, they're not signing up for a walk in the park. Landing acting jobs is difficult and auditions will often fill up more of a schedule than acting itself. Aspiring actors and actresses like Kim Tassinari learn this as they chase success and happiness. Most any actor or actress will agree that acing auditions and landing jobs isn't easy.

Since the majority of the talent's time will be spent auditioning, seeking audition coaching is one of the best things that they can do. Audition coaches give actors and actresses the confidence and skills they need to be able to wow directors. Provided an actor or actress has talent for acting itself, paying for audition coaching is often a better investment than general acting coaching.

Once new talent feels ready to audition for roles, they should start small. Going in front of a favorite director is a quick way to instill nervousness that shows through in the audition. If the talent instead goes to auditions for smaller productions and for directors that they're unfamiliar with, they exude more confidence. When successful actors and actresses look back on their career, they often say that they wish they would not have been so overzealous with their early ambitions. They also note that thick skin is a must in the industry, which is another part of what an audition coach teaches.

Actors and actresses who start their careers later in life – Kim Tassinari began hers after she retired as a doctor, for example – have the opportunities and financial stability to approach acting slowly and to avoid regrets. The industry is difficult, but good things happen when it is handled intelligently.

Kim Tassinari - Acting-Career, Hobby or Both?

When actors and actresses first start, they should ask themselves whether acting will be a career or a hobby. Acting as a career must pay the bills and it is obligated to succeed. Acting as a hobby should be fun and the talent does not need to make it big. Acting as both a hobby and a career, like Kim Tassinari does, allows more room to play. For example, if aspiring actresses and actors want to succeed but they do not feel obligated to do so, they are more likely to have enjoy their career.

Taking pleasure in their work is not optional for most actresses and actors. If acting talent is stressed, anxious or otherwise unhappy, it will show in their roles. Even the best actors and actresses believe that they need to approach roles with a positive mindset. Additionally, the mood and personality of acting talent changes how directors see them. Actors and actresses are more likely to get the parts they audition for if the director likes their personalities.

When acting is approached as a career first and a hobby second, the talent usually maintains a lighthearted approach. An acting career must pay the bills, true, but hobbies are meant to be enjoyed. Keeping this in mind helps make actors or actresses happier people. Acting with this mindset is ideal for actors and actresses who have retired from other careers, much like Kim Tassinari did. She retired after her 15-year career as a doctor so that she could pursue acting. While she hopes to make it big one day, Kim enjoys her acting hobby through her theater and television roles.

Kim Tassinari - Treating an Acting Career Like the Human Body

When an actor or actress is trying to establish a career, much like Kim Tassinari began doing after she retired from her career as a doctor, picking an area to focus on helps to land roles. Acting talent can liken this to how they must stay in shape, because their looks are as important as acting. For example, if an actor or actress has poor circulation, a trainer might suggest improving it before tackling the rest of their health. This is similar to how actors and actresses must improve weak parts of acting skills.

When actors and actresses are starting in the field, their talent will be weak in several areas. This can be likened to someone who is out of shape and is starting to exercise. Budding actors and actresses can tackle this by checking for glaring problems and fixing those first. For example, if the talent has never researched improvisational acting, then it is a good place to start. Once they have brushed up on improv, they can move onto audition techniques or other areas that need help.

Another way that an acting career is like the human body is that talent must keep training all of their acting skills. Just as athletes can't train their arms to perfection once and then quit training them, an actor or actress cannot train a skill once and then never again. Even famous actors and actresses will pledge that continued acting education is mandatory for success.

Actress Kim Tassinari keeps her skills in check by both acting on the theater stage and in television commercials. She hopes to move onto larger roles, but she will still maintain her current skills to build a fully-developed acting career.

Kim Tassinari - Does a Good Actor or Actress Need to Be a Good Person? 

Pop culture magazines make it clear that not all successful actors and actresses are good people, but what about when acting talent is getting started in the industry? When an actor or actress auditions for a role and does just as well as five other unknown hopefuls, the directors will often consider interpersonal factors. For example, Kim Tassinari is a Hollywood hopeful and a retired doctor. Tassinari's experience in a people-oriented position might help swing decisions in her favor when directors consider who will be easiest to coexist with on set.

Many famous actors and actresses got their start in television. When acting talent is hired for a series, the showrunners hope that filming will last for several years. To keep the rest of the talent happy, especially established stars, friendly and easy-to-deal-with people are usually brought on the set. Their acting ability is considered before their personality, but if two hopefuls are equally-talented, the one who is nicer to be around will often land the role.

While actors and actresses can, of course, feign friendliness using their acting abilities, directors and showrunners have seen it all. They often have an ability to see through the facade and to use their intuition on whether or not the talent is actually pleasant to be around. People who enjoy helping others, doing their best and making friends, exude an aura that intuitive individuals can sense on first meeting.

Kim Tassinari is a former physician who spent fifteen years keeping her patients happy and healthy. She also worked for two years with a non-profit organization in the Congo. After many years spent helping people, she is an example of acting talent that naturally exudes the friendly air that many directors favor.

Making the Casting Directors Happy

Casting directors sometimes get a bad rap. They are the ones who make the decision on whether you are going to get a callback. They are seen as the judge and jury as they sit behind their table, assessing your every inflection and nuance. What you may not understand is that casting directors are your advocates, your champions. They want you to do well and be able to share in your excellent work. Before you step into your next audition, remember that without you, casting directors can’t do their job without you.

If you want to make the casting director at your next audition truly happy, enter the room with certainty, make the room your own, this will make everyone there more comfortable. Don’t give up your power and be sure to leave your excuses and baggage at home. You are there to work so come prepared. Know what you are supposed to be reading and understand what you are talking about, spend the time getting to know the material before you show up to the audition. When you begin to read for the part, make specific, bold, personal choices and don’t apologize for anything. Ever. An audition is a way for you to collaborate, and be evaluated in terms of how you can serve the role and material. You can effect the casting director just as much as they can affect you. Kim Tassinari has spent the last few years auditioning for spots on television commercials. After working as a family doctor for more than 15 years, Kim knows how important it is to remember that each audition is her opportunity to show casting directors why they should cast her.

Being a Successful Actor at Any Age

Breaking into the world of acting isn’t an easy task, especially for those that have decided to take up the career later in life. While the entertainment industry tends to favor a younger crowd, if you’re good at your craft and are focused on what you want, you can have a successful acting career no matter your age. If you are starting your acting career later in life, it is important to remain optimistic and that you are pursuing acting with your whole heart.

If you want to have a successful acting career at any age, you have to be dedicated to your art and be ready to sacrifice a lot and be dedicated to pursuing your passion. For you to move ahead in your career, you will eventually have to choose jobs over your personal life. Having the flexibility to change plans to take a job to build your resume is something that you will need to do to hopefully, get your first big job. Being a successful actor will be extremely inconvenient, but you have to be undeterred in your focus and know exactly what it is you want to become successful. You don’t want to waste time working on projects that are outside your area of interest.

Kim Tassinari left her career as a family doctor to focus on her acting career. While there were a lot of people who said she couldn’t do it, she always believed in herself and is now well on her way to becoming a successful actress.

Finding the right support system

Starting a career, in any feel can be daunting at any time in your life. It doesn’t matter what field you decide to go into, if you do not have the right support, you can fail. People need people to help support them and to help get them through the tough times. For former doctor turned actress, Kim Tassinari, her husband and three kids have been her support system through the ups and downs of her professional career. Having people there for you, can help you in ways you never would have thought.

Family is always a great support system. You want to have people in your systems that are comfortable with you and you are comfortable with them. Family is often the best chose because they have known you your entire life. They have seen you when you are just beginning and they are there to let you know that everything will be okay and work out in your favor. That is all what a support system is about.

If you are married and have children, they can also be considered your support system. Your spouse is there to help you through everything, not just your career, so they will be there to help you in your new venture. Your kids live with you, or have lived with you, and they want the best for you. This smaller family structure is a great support system.

Friends are always another great choice for support. They only want to see you succeed and they are willing to do whatever it is they can to help you get there. They are going to be the cheerleaders that you need in order to get you to the top. They will make you start believing in yourself again and give you the belief you can do it.

A support system is important no matter what part of your life you are looking at. If you are looking at a new career or even starting a career in the first place, you will want to get a good system set up for you that you can fall back on when you need that extra push to attain your goals.

Becoming a Doctor is no cake walk

Being a doctor brings some feelings of respect, power, and awe when discussed about. It is a profession that people know takes a lot of time, money, and will power to keep persevering and get through all of the tough times, in order to get to the good times at the end. To be a doctor, you have to spend the time and effort that it will take to achieve it. Kim Tassinari spent her whole life working to be a doctor and she was a very good one for fifteen years. She knows just the amount of dedication you have to put in in order to get the reward.

 If you want to be a doctor, you have to know just where to begin. Getting into a good college that has a pre-med program is step one on your new journey to your future. Once you are in school, you have to have a great layout of classes and you have to study hard because after university, you have to then fight to get into a great medical school. That can take a whole lot of studying and a lot of sleepless nights.

Getting into med school is just the next step. Once you have made it and you are in a good medical program, it will again take a lot of work. You have to continuously study in order to pass your exams and then you can later get into a good residency program.

A lot of the acts to becoming a doctor hinges on studying and beating the competition. Then, after you have graduated and you start a residency, you are truly able to practice your chosen field of medicine. After completing your residency, you can choose whether you want to work at a hospital or start your own practice. Being a doctor is not an easy road, but for people who have the dedication, you can easily have a great lifestyle later on.

The Ghost Light

The Ghost Light is an old theater actors’ tradition that dates back to some of the first plays every produced. The ghost is supposedly of Thespis, thought to be the first Greek actor to appear on a stage in ancient Greece. His ghost haunts productions of all kinds of plays all over the world, causing all kinds of mishaps that can derail performances. The only way to ward off this mischievous specter is to keep a single bulb lit in the upstage center area of the stage when the venue is vacant. This is supposed to keep the ghost of one of the first actors in history from messing with you while you’re trying to perform.

The Ghost Light has been a tradition for hundreds of years, and the belief that it wards off ancient spirits is still alive, but this particular superstition also has a practical purpose. The light in an empty theater lets the stagehands, directors, and other crew members cross the empty stage to turn on the lights without tripping and falling down in the dark. Maybe some of the superstition is from people walking on the stage in the dark and hurting themselves.

Kim Tassinari is relatively new to the acting scene in Los Angeles. Although her dream is to be in movies and television shows, she has also worked on the stage in her young acting career. Tassinari retired from her private medical practice in North Hollywood to start a new career as an actor. She has already acted onstage and on camera.

Actor’s New Year’s Resolutions

As an actor, chances are you have struggled for years to get that one breakthrough that will propel you to stardom and create a cavalcade of opportunities for many years to come. That huge house on the hill is waiting for you if you can only get over the hump and get your name out there, right? Every year, actors make their resolutions that they hope to achieve so that they can live their dreams. Many actors find the same resolutions on their list year after year. Why? Here are three reasons that resolutions fail:

  • The resolution is impossible. If you’re not an astronaut, how do you expect to travel to out space this year? If you want to get a part on a specific television show, how can you if you don’t attend the audition? You have to give yourself a chance to achieve your resolutions by giving yourself a goal that you can achieve in the time frame given.
  • No support structure. Great actors come out of acting classes, just like great basketball players come out of the neighborhood court they practice at. In order to give yourself a chance to develop the skills you want to develop, you have to find a support system.
  • No concrete plan to accomplish the resolution. When you make a New Year’s resolution, you should also create a plan to achieve that resolution. Have a plan and stick to it.

Kim Tassinari had a plan when she decided to retire from practicing medicine: to become an actor. She made achievable goals and stuck to her plans, allowing her to break into the industry.

Kim Tassinari - How to be a Successful Actor

Veteran actors will tell all new actors that they really don’t want this life. Contrary to popular belief, acting is actually one of the most unglamorous jobs you can have. In Los Angeles, actors are treated as commodities. Television is the producer’s medium, and film is the director’s medium. For new actors, producers and directors can treat them as expendable and mere props for their visions. Obviously the very best directors and producers don’t treat their actors this way, but when you are just starting out in Hollywood, you may find yourself treated this way because they don’t know you or what you can do onstage or in front of a camera.

Many actors spend years barely scraping by, working with small-time directors and producers before they find regular work and earn an actual living. Even the most talented actors have found the inroads to the film and television industry closed to them. The key to being a successful actor is perseverance. You have to believe in yourself to continue trying and auditioning in order to ever break through and become a successful actor. All actors say that they thought about quitting many times but didn’t. If you want to be on screen, you can’t ever quit on your dream.

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